Top 7 Reasons Why Moab, Utah Should Be the Next Place You Visit

If you have never visited Moab, Utah, then you are missing out. Utah is full of incredible and diverse landscapes. From mystical desert to smooth salt flats, majestic high mountains, fantastic deep canyons, beautiful lush valleys to mighty raging rivers, and all in between, there is a ton of exclusive beauty to fill years of discovery.

Moab has the honor of being surrounded by the Colorado River, popular national parks, and much more. The city itself has booked its distinctive and tranquil nature while outshining in its response to the charm and attractiveness of the lots of tourists who come to experience a place like no other. Here are 7 top reasons why you see Moab and quickly.

Arches National Park

Home to the well-known Delicate Arch, there are more than 2,000 sandstone arches in this national park. The tours through the blazing furnace, looking through the eyes of the Windows and the walks through the amazing formations are only the tip of the iceberg in this unique park.


The Colorado River made its way into Canyonlands and the results are enormous. From petroglyphs to magnificent red canyons, there is much to watch and do here. From the Needles to the Labyrinth to the Island in Heaven, your experience here will result in extended stays at Moab hotels.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Although a slight further down the road, Bryce Canyon is a must see. There is no other place on the planet slightly like this. With stone forests, lush green spotted with rich reds, and caves without ceilings, Bryce Canyon surprises you with astonishment.

Colorado River

Making its technique from Rocky National Park in Colorado to the Gulf of California, the Colorado River is the maker and sculptor of most fantastic and unique views of everything it touches, including Canyonlands, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, and the Grand Canyon. From rafting on its wild and impressive surfaces to traveling its creations, this river has left its mark. See more.


In spite of its small-town atmosphere, Moab has several delicious restaurants. A few are so delectable; People come hundreds of miles to Moab just for dinner. From elegant dinners to authentic cowboy grills to diners, wineries, and breweries, the food is just excellent.

Moab Hotels

Like the restaurants, Moab hotels provide authentic and fresh environments to spend their nights and rest in style. Moab hotel rooms come from cabana-resistant nuggets, from luxurious surroundings to quaint. You will not find the usual duller in the rooms and hotels of Moab.

Additional Features

Shopping, tours, exclusive galleries, Native American finds and much more waiting for you and your family in Moab, Utah. Visit, explore and go home feeling that you have experienced something special because you will.

So, there are a lot of campgrounds and lodging options in the Moab area. If you would like to camp near one of the two national parks, be sure that you know what to look for in a tent. For more information visit: